don’t be normal.

when we were 8 years old and we were asked what we wanted to be when we grow up, we would say things like astronaut & scientist & inventor & ballet dancer. somewhere along the way that little light in us dims and the voice of fear becomes so loud we can’t even hear the voice of our own passions anymore. the voice of fear can sound like your own doubts, it can sound like hurtful people, it can even sound like your family or friends- people that laugh at your dreams like you will never reach them. so we grow up and we settle. we work in jobs we hate. we pick majors we don’t even care about. we stay in places where we cannot express ourselves. we play it safe. and every other person that sacrificed that little kid in them will act like its the normal thing to do. when you choose to take the risk, people will act like you’re the craziest person in the world. good. don’t be normal. don’t let anybody, not even yourself, stop you from becoming who you want to become. don’t let anybody tell you who they think you should become. your life is a blank canvas. you can choose any colors you want. so dream big. be kind. work really hard. and no matter how old you get, never grow up.

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