i want to be so rn.

Past — Future.

It’s so easy to dwell on the past and it’s so easy to constantly think about the future, but the present is always overlooked and taken for granted.

There are some people who get hurt or make a mistake and let that energy live in them for extended periods of time. Rather than accepting what happened and moving forward, they choose to carry the negativity into their present situation. “I can’t help it” is a common phrase that people use when “trying” to move on, but the truth is, you can help it. You can choose to reflect, learn from the experience and let go, but there is something in our nature that oddly finds comfort in staying in that place of hurt or regret.

Then there are people who put their entire focus on the future. They sacrifice experiences and special moments in the present in order to design the life they want for themselves later. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it’s always good to have a plan and direction, but often times I hear people say things like, “I just need to suffer and go through this right now, so that I can be happy later.” I’ve definitely said this before too, but it doesn’t sit with me well. You’re never guaranteed later and that’s something that has become more and more real to me. If we’re always thinking about what is to come, how are we ever going to appreciate what’s happening in the present?

I’ve been both people. It’s definitely hard not to be, but the challenge is to be present IN the present. Enjoying and appreciating every moment for what it is. Not looking back and not looking so far ahead, but being grateful for today, for this very moment. This mentality brings you fresh perspective, more confidence, a willingness to be completely and unapologetically yourself, not fearing what others may think. You don’t put things off and understand that the time that you have is precious.

It’s about living life with a heart of gratitude, loving on people and allowing yourself to be free.




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