steady heart

you didn’t want heaven without us
so Jesus, you brought heaven down
my sin was great
your love was greater
what could separate us now?

what a wonderful name it is…
nothing compares to this
what a wonderful name it is
the name of Jesus.

what a beautiful name – hillsong worship

if you have not heard this song yet, go listen to it. go listen to the whole ‘let there be light’ album for that matter because it’ll bless you. trust. this song is so beautiful in it’s entirety, but this particular verse has really been on my heart. i’ve repeated the words over and over again throughout the day, meditated on them, sang them as loud as my voice would allow, and no matter how many times i’ve done this, i continue to come back to the same place of being completely overwhelmed. my heart swells, i feel a lump in my throat and am overtaken by the abundance of God’s grace, his love, his security, his goodness.

‘you didn’t want heaven without us, so Jesus, you brought heaven down.” when i first heard this, the first thought i had was why, who am i?..who am i that you would not want heaven without me? who am i that you would send your precious, pure, perfect son to sacrifice his life to spare mine? but as i meditated on this a little more i was so humbled because i am no one. i, alone, am no one. i am someone because God breathed life into me, placed worth in me, chose me to be his daughter. there is nothing i can do to be deserving of God’s sacrifice, but he did it’s hard for me to wrap my head around that, but it’s the truth, the truth and manifestation of God’s grace. i could never be worthy enough to reach heaven, so his grace brought heaven down.

‘my sin was great, your love was greater. what can separate us now?’ a lot of times i’ll try to hide from God or push him away because i’m ashamed of my sin or because i don’t think my life reflects his purpose, but i’m reminded that his love covers all of that. despite the wrong i’ve done in the past, the corrupt thoughts i may have in the present, the future mistakes he knows i’ll make even before i make them, he loves me. as a sinful, imperfect being, i’ll never be able to understand the magnitude of that love, but he still wants me to draw near to him, to journey with him, to love on him and to be loved. to fall and fall again, but to come back to him in repentance knowing nothing can separate us, nothing can break that bond between us. man…how can one not be shaken by that?

i’m deeply humbled, grateful and reminded of God’s unconditional, beautiful, wonderful, powerful love and grace.

you have no rival, you have no equal.

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