you are enough.

you are the most valuable person.
remind yourself of that every day

don’t let anyone cheapen you or make you feel less.
don’t let anyone make you feel like you are undeserving or that you’re not good enough.
don’t let anyone make you lower your standards or convince you that you can’t get better.
don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness for their selfish gain.
don’t let anyone take your heart and the love you’re willing to give for granted.

protect yourself because…

you deserve someone who sees just how valuable you are and doesn’t need to second guess you.
you deserve someone who chases you, who fights for you, who wants to be in your life as much as they want you to be in theirs.
you deserve someone who doesn’t blame the season they are in  as the excuse for why they can’t be who you need.
you deserve someone who never makes you question who you are because they love you exactly as you are

you are enough.
you’ve always been enough.
you will always be enough.

embrace that truth and never let it go.

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