what love looks like.

i’ve always been a hopeless romantic. i’ve exhausted all the movies in the romance section of netflix and will never turn down the opportunity to hear a good love story. everyone has their wants. some people want fame, some people want wealth, some people want kids, my biggest want was always to fall in love. …

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your voice is louder than my doubts.

I've heard countless sermons about hearing God's voice and every time I'd think to myself 'Why doesn't God speak to me like He apparently does to everyone else?'  I've come back to this thought time and time again, but the past few months I've been thinking about it constantly. I didn't want to keep pondering …

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sweet clarity

Sometimes I force the flow of my life by making moves and decisions based on my own desires rather than what my instincts are telling me. I try and design the life I want regardless of that voice in my head and that tug on my heart that says this isn't right, there's something better. …

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